Driven by Salty Veins

Salty Veins Fishing Lures are made for Fishermen by  Fishermen.

Hey Folks...

I’m Austin Nikkola and I am a Jacksonville, Florida native now residing in Key West, Florida  with a deep appreciation of the beauty that mother nature offers here, with the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean in our backyard. I have been fishing our beautiful waterways for over 30 years and making fishing lures for more than 20 years. I’ve fished inshore and offshore with bucktail jigs, and witnessing them fall apart after one fishing trip is the driving force behind Salty Veins Fishing Lures.

So why did we start Salty Veins? It really started because we were tired of the same old colors, designs, names, and low quality of many bucktail jigstoday. At Salty Veins, we make each lure by hand, which gives you a more reliable and durable product and an edge—with an inevitably better experience.

We strive to provide our customers with strong, reliable, and durable lures and apparel because your water time shouldn't be wasted on poorly made fishing lures. We get an indescribable excitement each time someone catches a fish with a Salty Veins Fishing Lure. It gives us the courage to keep making a living with our passion for producing the best fishing lure possible.

May your time on the water be safe, and most importantly, have fun! ~ #SaltyVeins

Sincerely, Owner and Lure maker

Captain Austin Nikkola